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Healthy Living and Weight Management the Perfect Combination

“It is better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backward.” ~Old Chinese Proverb

12 Week Weight Loss Program

As a Nutritional Therapist it is my job and my passion to help a person move forward on the path to achieve their health and wellness goals. This job seems so straight forward, though I have realized over the years that anyone can follow directions, but it takes dedication, determination, and motivation to keep up a healthy path in life. There is no generalized diet or supplementation plan that will work for everybody. Therefore the big question is why do we so often say we desire to achieve a goal but cannot find the will power to follow through? 

Part of the answer is that it takes patience and time to maintain a new habit. It takes 21 days to six weeks to consciously create a new habit or program where as the subconscious mind can accept a new habit program instantly.

Our subconscious habits need to be in alignment with our conscious desired goals in order to achieve success. This is exactly why Sheri Arechiga, Certified Hypnotherapist CHt. and I have teamed up to bring the ultimate health and wellness package to our clients.  Sheri understands that all habits are from the subconscious mind, including everything you think, say, and do automatically from habit. 

While I help the clients build new nutritional systems that work for their specific bodies and lifestyle, Sheri helps clients reprogram their minds, activates their will power, and increase self motivation to achieve your goals.  I believe success is a formula of belief systems, proper nutrition, healthy movement, positive thinking and the courage to take a step forward toward change. 

Shauna Tolchinsky

Nutritional Therapist,

CHFS, Instructor for GATR Weight Loss
 First Wholistic LLC

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Sheri Arechiga

Certified Hypnotherapist,

Owner of The Exquisite Art of Healing 

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