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September Specials - Future Visioning for creating a better tomorrow

The Exquisite Art of Healing - September Specials

Self Improvement Phone Session $79 - Call (949) 491-0888 to book your appointment

*Limit 3 sessions per person* Expires October 1st 2015*

* Hypnotherapy for Self Improvement
* Personal Consulting for Personal Empowerment
* Guidance & Support
* Move Forward Toward a Higher Aspiration
* Enhance Quality of Life

Choose from one of the options below:

Option #1 Insight - is for those who want to understand people and situations in a very clear way

This package is for those who are seeking intuitive guidance, learn to trust your own inner guidance, connect with your higher self and gain insight and knowledge

Option #2 Inspire - Give ideas about what to do or create (in your life)

This package is for those who are ready to ignite your spirit, turn on your inner flame, awaken creativity, find your motivation, and receive support on all your creative endeavors

Empower, encourage, manifesting, creator

Option #3 Encourage - To help become more determined, hopeful, and or confident

This package is for those who are seeking inner freedom and peace of mind.

Get motivated, feel supported, release, non attachment, hold healthy personal boundaries, self confidence, self esteem, self empowerment, peace of mind, inner freedom

Option #4 Hope - To cherish a desire with anticipation and expectation of obtainment

This package is for those who are seeking fulfillment, connection, inner peace, grateful, giving, spiritual, feeling loved, self realization, and understanding

Releasing fears and phobias, addictions, negative thought patterns