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About My Blog

When I was a kid I never wanted to grow up. From a very young age I noticed all of the hardships and responsibilities of adults. I always thought to myself, it seems like adults have it rough and I do not want any part of that life. When I was 8 I cried because I thought I was too old. As I began to grow up I thought there has to be an easier way to live and grow and just be happy. When I first thought about owning my own business I was 17. It was my last year in high school and I was also in Beauty School to become a hairstylist. At this time in my life it was my highest intention to own a salon. How great would it be to help people feel beautiful? Slowly my focus shifted into helping people in other ways. I was 20 years old when a terrible tragedy struck my life. This event changed me and completely shifted my reality as I knew it forever. My priorities changed and I began to realize the true meaning of life and love. From that moment on I was determined to make a difference in the lives of others in the biggest way possible. I wanted to make an impact. My eyes opened up like never before and from that point on I was determined to create a space for people to heal and grow. This is how The Exquisite Art of Healing was born.

We all have a tendency to think we are broken, so we must move from a level of attachment to a place of inner freedom and peace. We are not broken - we are all human and are here to learn grow and love.

Helping people accomplish their goals is my passion and teaching everyone that nothing is impossible or out of reach. Everyone has struggles at times in their life but its how you handle those struggles that make all the difference in the world. 

This blog is about staying healthy and happy inside and out, remembering who you are and knowing that child like innocence is still inside of you. We are all meant to laugh and play and see the lighter brighter side of life. 

As you scroll through my website you will find very unique perspective on ways to heal the body and the mind naturally. 

My blog is my favorite part of this website because this is where I get to interact with you. I get to see your comments and mingle. As you continue to check back you will notice new things to help you learn and grow.