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How Committed Are You to Yourself?

I have been working with many clients lately who say they are very committed to making positive change in their lives. As we delve deeper into the problem they start to realize how difficult it really is to stay committed. Everyone has good intention of making a change but what does it really take to stay committed to change? When I took a look at this question I started to realize its all in the mind. It takes a strong mind in order to stay fully committed and motivated to make a positive change in your life. As my client went from week to week in their sessions they were able to gain clarity and strengthen their mind for change by focusing their attention back onto themselves. The answers are always within you - By having the courage to look deep within yourself it brings clarity and focus back to you and your commitment.

How do you know if you have a strong mind?

The internal process is a process of the mind always trying to adapt to change. Our mind fights change tooth an nail because it is our instinct to always want things to stay the same. The most powerful people in the world are able to adapt to change with an open mind because they see the unique ability and opportunities within each moment. Going with the flow of life is not always easy when difficulties arise such as going through a break up, finding a new job, starting a business, trying to move forward, maintaining your personal success and balancing it with - career, relationships, and or lifestyle. Keeping a life balance no mater what you are going through in life is a huge commitment to yourself. We all say we want the perfect life filled with love, success, family, friends, safety, and security yet it is so easy to set ourselves up for failure by self sabotage behavior and fear. When it comes to relationships, be it work relationships, love relationships, or friendships it is all the same. Relationships are one of the most difficulties because we are trying to maintain our own balance and balance our lives with others. We find ourselves in a world wind of possibilities to have everything in life we have ever dreamed of but what chances have we actually taken to achieve our goals? Have we decided to make a change or accept the facts as reality? Having clarity as to what you really want and don't want and making a decision to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals and sticking with the plan is true commitment. Knowing deep within you that as long as you are trying your best and being true to yourself no matter the situation you can achieve anything in life. In our mind of minds sometimes what can look like the right thing to do is actually the ego mind trying to keep everything the same not allowing us to move on. Our mind is a powerful thing so knowing that in order to see change in your life we must take risks and follow our hearts. Instead of competing with each other, what if we stand side by side to accomplish our goals together, have understanding for each other, and see the good in the world. There is always room for growth but acceptance of yourself equals coming out of fear to being fearless in life.

~ Sheri Arechiga Owner of The Exquisite Art of Healing