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When All Else Fails, Press The Reset Button

Have you ever had a day when your mind is so overloaded with thoughts you can't seem to think straight. Many times it can be overwhelming and even frustrating not to have a clear mind.

What do you do when you have an important decision to make but your mind won't stop racing?

Here are a couple tips to get you out of your head and into a clearer space to make an important decision.
1. Stop whatever it is you are doing and take a couple deep breaths - focus all of your attention on your heart and repeat your full name three times and take a couple more breaths (if you are alone it is best to say your name out loud but if you don't have that luxury at the moment just say it to yourself). By doing this it not only helps you to get back in your body but it also helps you to remember who you are. Just for those couple moments do not think of anything or anyone else.
2. Find some alone time even on your busiest day. Think about your important decision and decide if from a grounded space (see #1) if that important decision can wait until tomorrow. 
-If your important decision CAN wait until tomorrow, wait until tomorrow and sleep on it. Put this very important decision in an imaginary box, close this box and do not open it until tomorrow. By giving your mind a rest you can make your decision from a clearer more connected space.
-If this important decision CANNOT wait until tomorrow find some time and space to focus on what you want the outcome to be from your decision. Get out a pen and paper and start writing the pros and cons, likes and dislikes, so on and so forth. Once your wrote everything down, fold it up hold it in your hand and say out loud. "Dear God ( or higher power of your choice) I ask that the decision I am about to make be the best decision I have ever made for me and my highest good. Please help me with all of my thoughts, feelings, and emotions and clear my mind now. I ask that my decision is for the highest good of all concerned and that only positive outcomes result". Now clearly state in your own words what it is you want. 
3. Now make your decision and let it all go. Know that whatever happens you did your best in making the best decision possible. Feel the freedom and peace that brings you.

These three simple steps will help you to stop, get grounded, and press the reset button. 

As always, take what you'd like and leave the rest.

Until next time -